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– Your Guide, Narwhal
01 Digital Art Creation is Evolving

Digital Art Creation is Evolving.

We’re in a real-time revolution, where lighting and rendering has become almost instantaneous.

This new way of interacting with digital media has provided all of us with *new* opportunities around our content, and how it can be used. It is inspiring our decision makers and designers to think of evolved ways of working - how not to redo work and how to focus the creative where it matters most.

02 designing the future

Designing for the Future

Creatives are facing challenges every day with the demand for faster, on-time content creation.

And now with even more opportunities to deploy multiple forms of content, it is becoming even more challenging to design for the future.

We aim to eliminate creative waste, where design and planning are disconnected from execution, and content quality suffers without a cohesive creative vision.

We are using cutting-edge technology to build a modernized design experience that supports a century old cinematic paradigm.

03 reducing waste

Reducing Waste via Collaborative Design.

The convergence of game technology and film technology offers new and incredible opportunities for big dreamers and meticulous tinkerers.

Let us host your collaborative working sessions, and help you guide the development of your ideas and concepts in a fun, iterative, real-time workflow.

Our design sessions will save valuable time and money by achieving alignment around your creative vision sooner, and across the entire creative team.

04 The Future of Media

Creating the Future of Media

We believe the future is in multimedia, so we’ve created a pipeline that’s capable of deploying real-time or pre-rendered content to different platforms.

Our process is reducing waste by capturing the same creative direction and digital assets for all forms of media. We believe that the old ways of creating art don't have to clash with the new, so we take the very best knowledge from the combined 200+ years that filmmaking and games have provided us, and build upon it.

We’re here to strengthen the world's bond between each other - filmmaking, games, Web3, the meta-verse and more.