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– Your Guide, Narwhal
01 Film & TV Episodes

Our Services

Guiding Your Story from Concept to Screen

Narwhal Studios supports the journey of bringing concepts to cinematic life with a range of visualization and virtual production services. Designed for filmmakers, game developers, and content creators, our approach is rooted in collaboration and expertise, aiming to surpass project expectations.

02 Production Consultation
02 Production Consultation

Production Consultation

Our Studio Art Directors lay the groundwork for your project, diving into script analysis, budget planning, and a tech integration strategy.

Image: Virtual Review with our Studio Art Director, Safari Sosebee, VFX supervisor, Rob Legato, and DP, Caleb Deschanel for Academy's Science and Technology Council special, "Virtual Production, Are You Game?"

Concept Development

Where your vision starts to take shape.

We bring your narrative to life through engaging concept art and dynamic storyboards.

Often a great step for support with green-lighting a project.

03 Concept Development
04 virtual set design

Virtual Set Design

Our team specializes in real-time set design out of Unreal Engine, working closely with the production designer, VFX supervisor, producers, and other key creatives. Our process also includes location and set decoration photogrammetry. 
06 Techvis


Techvis is the technical documentation of Virtual Art Department Worlds, Previs and Post-vis sequences. It clearly translates the digital world into a format that can be used by on-set departments and VFX, to successfully set up shots.

We stress the importance of creating worlds that are both beautiful and practical, this means creating worlds that have a foundation in real-world physics. We use everything from traditional blueprints, to photogrammetry and virtual scouts to appropriately represent what the client will get on the stage, or in VFX.


Previs allows our artists to bring storyboards and shot ideas to life through animated sequences, leveraging digital characters and virtual sets. Serving as a testing ground, Previs allows you to experiment with ideas and choreograph complex scenes in action.
07 Virtual Production

Virtual production

Our virtual production process for film and TV production offers a suite of tools for creative exploration and in-Camera VFX, we can swiftly iterate assets and implement real-time modifications in lighting, design, and cameras.

Virtual Location Scouting is a collaborative process where creatives explore real-time environments, discussing shot compositions, shoot locations, and story narratives collectively.

**This image includes a representation of our virtual location scout process on "Ahsoka," alongside images sourced online to depict the key creatives involved.

Virtual Camera Blocking sessions are often with the cinematographer, used to start blocking and lensing the scenes in VR or IPad VCam. This process offers a way to pre-visualize shots in a virtual space, enabling the discovery of angles and movements prior to previs or filming.

**Image Featured: VCam blocking for "Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania"

As the digital set starts taking shape, we initiate our virtual pre-light sessions to define the look and lighting as it will appear on set. These lighting scenarios are subsequently shared for scout reviews, stage crews, or VFX teams to utilize. Virtual Prelights entail collaborating with a virtual gaffer to illuminate digital set locations in real-time. Our team works closely in this process.

Our Mocap solutions capture dynamic performances with real-time and AI motion capture technology.

08 Final Pixel Sets for ICVFX

Final Pixel Sets for ICVFX

We create final pixel sets that are prepared specifically to be in-camera VFX ready and are able to support you with the ICVFX shoot, blending the physical and virtual sets, and stage operations.

The final touch.

05 3d character & creature development

3D Character and Creature Development

We build digital characters from the high rez digital sculpt, to the real-time photorealistic asset. 

We use our VR tools as a design tool, to walk around superheroes, large scale creatures, and costumes as if they were right next to you, in full detail.