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– Your Guide, Narwhal
01 Who We Are

Who we

Since 2016, Narwhal Studios (formerly Happy Mushroom) has been helping define the Virtual Art Department (VAD) and its utility for virtual production.

We are looking to further evolve the impact of real-time and virtual production not only in film but across all different industries (streaming, video games, VR, Multiverse, interactive, and passive). We are experts committed to excellence that come from multiple different backgrounds, with a common goal to empower your creative vision with innovative techniques, and to make it universally accessible and useful to all.

02 our team

As we evolve the Art Department. . .

We create a workspace that empowers creatives in-house and out, and we do so remotely. Our environment is playful, collaborative,  and dedicated to diversity and inclusivity.

We’re creating growth paths for artists that didn’t exist before, a more generalist minded approach with focus.

Felix Jorge

CEO | Co-Founder

I am a vibrant creative with a genuine passion for creating story-driven, interactive content through real time workflows, and making that information accessible to all. During my years of working within visualization and art departments,  I spotted an opening in the way virtual production was being applied to animation vs world building, so I made it my business to know the space inside and out. We set off on creating an evolved virtual production workflow for art departments. 

Grounded in physical production, but with the vision to take it virtual, my team and I have helped define the Virtual Art Department, lining it with amazing talent and a suite of proprietary tools that helped us solidify our influence in the industry. My fluency in the Virtual Art Department world allows my imagination to run scenarios, and provide bespoke solutions with enthusiasm. 

My attitude and ardor could be seen through my company’s work, and the teams that fortify me, and gives Narwhal Studios a real edge in high-speed Unreal Engine content creation that’s built around the current world's change. 

Even when the sands beneath us are shifting, we adapt, we float, we rise.

Safari Sosebee

Creative Director + Co-Founder

With over twelve years of experience working on blockbuster films, award-winning series, and boundary-pushing virtual projects, Safari Sosebee is one of the most-sought after creatives in the VFX and Virtual Production spaces. As Co-Founder and Lighting Director of Happy Mushroom, Safari led the virtual art department on The Mandalorian, which went on to secure the Emmy for Outstanding Visual Effects this past year. In addition to his accomplishments in virtual production, Safari is highly regarded for his experience in 3D character design and asset modeling, compositing, lighting, and post-visualization enhancement.

Andrew MacLusky

CTO + Co-Founder

For over fifteen years, Andrew has built entertainment software and platforms that define how modern media is designed and consumed. A pioneer in AR and VR, Andrew has been instrumental in bringing immersive entertainment to the mass market including the release of over 30 video games and aiding the launch of Oculus Quest during his time at Facebook. As CTO of Happy Mushroom, he has architected and built a next-generation platform of tools that seamlessly bring real-time 3D into all stages of the filmmaking process.

Ross Pawley

Engineering Manager

Andrew Amato

Business Development Manager

Sami Borhanpour

Creative Producer

Dallas Drapeau

Environment Artist (VAD) III

Rain Matheke

Marketing Generalist + Digital Content Producer

Our Clients

We Work with the best.
03 Our collaborators

Our Collaborators

We’ve had the privilege of stress-testing our processes and tools with some of the most brilliant innovators in the industry, always learning and applying those lessons to improve our tools, and empower future productions.

Below are some of the collaborators that have helped shape our tools:
COMING SOON- Non-disclosed Marvel Project
COMING SOON- Non-disclosed Netflix Project
Black Adam

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Production Designer: Tom Meyer
Cinematographer: Lawrence Sher

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Director: Deborah Chow
Production Designer: Todd Cherniawsky
Cinematographer: Chung-hoon Chung

Academy Awards - Virtual Production: Are You Game?

DP: Caleb Deschanel
VFX Supervisor: Rob Legato
Production Designer: Andrew Jones
Set Decorator: Amanda Serino

ASC Masterclass

DP: Baz Idoine
PD: Todd Cherniawsky

The Book of Boba Fett

Production Designer: Andrew Jones
Virtual Production Producer: Clint Spillers
EP & Writer: Jon Favreau Dave Filoni, Robert Rodriguez
DP: David Klein, Dean Cundy
Set Decorator: Amanda Serino
Director: Steph Green, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kevin Tancharoen

The Mandalorian - Season 1 & 2

Creator & Writer: Jon Favreau

Directors: Dave Filoni, Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Rodriguez, Deborah Chow, Peyton Reed, Taika Waititi

Cinematographers: Barry Baz Idoine, David Klein, Greig Fraser, Matthew Jensen

Why Women Kill:

VFX Producer: Stephen Bowman
VFX Supervisor: Trey McMenamin

Call of the Wild

Glenn Derry
Andrew Jones


Jurassic World VR Experience

Writer + Director: James Lima
Production Designers: Yuri Bartoli and Kevin Ishioka