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Since 2016, Narwhal Studios (formerly Happy Mushroom) has been helping define the Virtual Art Department (VAD) and its utility for virtual production.

We are looking to further evolve the impact of real-time and virtual production not only in film but across all different industries (streaming, video games, VR, Multiverse, interactive, and passive). We are experts committed to excellence that come from multiple different backgrounds, with a common goal to empower your creative vision with innovative techniques, and to make it universally accessible and useful to all.

Human Resouces
Business development

Artist Scheduler

The Artist Scheduler oversees creative resources for the Virtual Art Department (VAD), including Unreal/Unity generalists, environment artists, concept artists, asset builders, animators, FX, tech artists, etc. A high EQ is paramount to developing strong relationships with artists and adaptability the key for building ideal teams.

Ideal candidates for this role are looking to parlay their scheduling experience in VFX, previz, or game design into something more. Our artists are pioneering workflows and creative process for a wide array of digital environment projects, so our Artist Scheduler must share their passion to find clever solutions.

This role works alongside studio management to organize balanced teams, recruit new freelance talent, and support and advocate for artists' development. Their key responsibility is to work closely with the production to ensure that projects are appropriately staffed and the welfare of our artists are a priority.

Though our roots are in Los Angeles, Narwhal Studios is 100% remote. If you like puzzles and want to have a seat at the decision-making table, come join us.

• 2 - 5 years creative resources management experience

• Experience working with and using scheduling software; preferably Shotgrid

• An understanding of VAD/VFX artist roles such as asset modeling, animation, lighting, FX, etc.

• Ability to support the management of talent towards artist development and retention

• Excellent project planning and project assessment skills

• Capacity to manage a dynamic work environment

• Collaborate with the sales team and Head of Production to identify talent needs, scheduling, and strategies for potential projects

• Work with Head of Production and producers to schedule large jobs with complex team dynamics

• Remain current with producers and project leads to ensure projects remain appropriately staffed through completion

• Lead studio conversations around capacity to find efficient, sometimes clever solutions to resource requirements

• Curate an up-to-the-minute calendar of all artists’ project assignments, time off, and studio holidays

• Manage availability, skillsets, and studio relationships with a pool of freelance artists

• Support artists' time management by monitoring working hours, managing holiday requests, and sick leave

• Maintain a leadership approach to supporting artists' general welfare and professional development

• Advocate for artists across departments when necessary, to ensure technology and software needs are met

• Proactively liaise with Talent/HR on recruitment efforts and freelance communications

• Develop and standardize scheduling best practices

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Human Resouces
Business development

VAD Producer

Producers are the main point of contact for our clients in managing timeline, budget, and overall expectations. By partnering with our creative leads, our producers manifest a successful environment for artists and clients to realize their vision.

We tailor every project to the creative ambitions of every client, empowering artists with information, structure, and resources while removing obstacles, distractions, and limitations. We strive to provide a project experience - for both artists and clients - guided by clear communication and efficient project management. Ultimately, our production staff works in service of the shared goals of our artists and clients.

Producers who thrive at Narwhal have a firm grasp on their project but employ a soft touch in managing people and expectations. They are kind, but straight-forward; organized, but flexible; most of all, passionate about providing a foundation for a collaborative, creative environment.

All that said, the description of responsibilities outlined here are aspirational. The ability to achieve success on each of these points, for every project, comes only with mastery of the profession.

  • 4-5 years producing in the digital effects universe; ie in VFX, Previz, Gaming, etc., OR
  • 2-3 years as Asst. Producer, Production Manager, or Sr. Coordinator working in the VAD
  • Working knowledge of asset/project management software, preferably Shotgrid
  • Confident written and oral communication skills
  • Basic professional software like Word/Docs, Excel/Sheets, preferably an understanding of a spectrum of creative software like Miro, Shotgrid, etc.

Client Management

  • Establish a positive working relationship with client counterparts and creative leads
  • Have a firm grasp on client expectations, timelines, and creative goals; owner of the overall scope of work
  • Maintain a posture of equanimity with clients and colleagues, remaining solutions-oriented in the face of challenges
  • Provide and curate a working calendar for the client, advising any adjustments in deadlines or milestones as necessary
  • Schedule and oversee client reviews of work
  • Oversee and verify the proper turnover of final assets


  • Understand studio bidding software and practices
  • Prepare accurate and highly detailed budgets for a spectrum of virtual art department projects
  • Stay current with client billing and actualization of ongoing projects
  • Ensure scope of work remains in alignment with contractual agreements

Project Management

  • Help to maintain a professional, positive, upbeat atmosphere for teams, helping to foster open and regular communication amongst team members
  • Work alongside Leads and Supervisors to clearly define timelines and creative expectations on the project for the internal team
  • Advise studio on ideal internal team construction to satisfy client's aspirations
  • Plan, coordinate, and lead projects from script breakdown through final delivery
  • Track assets, notes, and tasks for individual team members
  • Assign coordinators tasks and manage their output
  • Deftly allocate resources to satisfy creative requests, but understand when scope of work requires a larger conversation with department heads and/or clients
  • Monitor and review project demands on creative artists and ensure that they have sufficient support staff and resources
  • Ensure a strong line of communication between project teams and studio departments (HR, IT, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales) as required


  • Advise clients on Narwhal bespoke location scout technology
  • Keep abreast of new techniques, tools, and software available in the studio
  • Understanding of, and interest in, new trends and developments in the wider field of Virtual Production and game engines

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Narwhal Studios, LLC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws. This policy applies to all employment practices within our organization.